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work naked day

Embrace Freedom: Celebrate Work Naked Day!

Are you tired of the same old routine? Ready to shake things up and inject some excitement into your workday? Look no further! This Friday

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Exploring the Nuances: Naturism in the USA vs. Europe

Introduction Naturism, a lifestyle centered around nudity in natural settings, has gained a dedicated following worldwide. While the core principles of naturism remain consistent, the

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benefits of naturism

10 Amazing Benefits of Embracing Naturism: Feel Happier and Healthier

Embracing naturism, also known as nudism, is about more than just being naked. It’s a lifestyle that helps us connect with nature and feel better

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Naturist Podcast

Celebrating Clothes Free Living with a Podcast

Celebrating Clothes Free Living with a podcast: An Exclusive Written Interview with Frank Stone and Lisa Monroe of Naked Nudists and Naturists In this exclusive

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nakation for women

Nakation for women: My Unforgettable Adventure Unveiled!

A nakation can be very difficult for women. Join me on a hilarious journey as I share the uproarious tale of my nakation experience. Discover

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naturism in france

Naturism in France

France is a beautiful country that is well-known for its rich culture, history, architecture, and food. But there’s another aspect of France that makes it

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hair or no hair

Naturists and body hair

Naturism is a lifestyle centered around a love of nature and a respect for one’s body, and as such, body hair often becomes a topic

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Work Naked Day

Work Naked Day is held on the first Friday of February, and it is attracting plenty of interest, with participants sharing selfies of their naked

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wnbr amsterdam

WNBR Amsterdam

The World Naked Bike Ride in Amsterdam (July 2nd, 2022) is an amazing experience that everybody can either participate in, witness or support. It is

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opinions about nudists

Opinions about nudists

It won’t be a surprise that opinions about nudists are given rather easily. Especially online you will read comments like ‘filthy people’, ‘sex predators’ and

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nude beach or naturist club

Where to go: to the nude beach or naturist club?

If you live close by to a nude beach or naturist club you will probably opt for that. But what if you happen to live

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naturism volunteers

Naturist clubs, run by amateurs – the future is waiting

There are not many commercial run naturist campsites. A wild guess says that less than 10% of al the naturist places you can go to

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children stop being nudists

Why our children stop being nudists

Yes. They do. Not all of them. But many children stop being nudists and don’t go back to the clubs/campsites they visited since they were

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promotion of naturism

The promotion of naturism

Honestly: it is very difficult to work on the promotion of naturism. The thing is: the people you reach the most are the people that

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The Naked Truth @Greenpeace

The Naked Truth

Public opinion polls seem to have replaced real thought and opinion. The sample group have a very decisive voice in what the ultimate truth will

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world of naturism

World of naturism (a.k.a. a bucket list of countries to visit)

Considering our budget this is not a very realistic list. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming 😉 We have not been to many countries where

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Floris van den Berg

Philosophical naturism

If you want a different view on naturism than you can talk to Floris van de Berg, a teacher on The University of Utrecht. He

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ntrsm logo

New logo!

A few weeks ago we made a new logo. Some of you may have noticed this on the top of our pages. We hope you

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Does colour matter in nudism?

Most adherents of nudism will probably tell you that they wholeheartedly support the Black Lives Matter movement. It is simply a matter of respect. As

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family nudism

Family Nudism: Google doesn’t recognize it!

Family Nudism: Google doesn’t recognize it! Family nudism. If you search for it on Google you will find a lot of porn, but no serious

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why people become nudists

Why people become nudists!

Many people wonder why people become nudists. What kind of people do that? What are they like? For most of us nudies that is a

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8 Tips for men that want to try nudism

  8 Tips for men that want to try nudism for the first time   For outsiders, the naturist world seems to be dominated by

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what is nudism

Introduction to nudism and naturism

Nudists come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, colors, ancestries, dialects, handicaps, talents and personalities. And in all sexes. If you would visit

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