Why donate for naturism and nudism? Well: naturism is not a religion, but it may look like one. That has everything to do with the respectful way naturists talk about nature, about people and the respect and body-confidence they have in general. And that makes sence: by taking your clothes of you can’t hide anything anymore. Not even yourself.

But unfortunately, there are many people out there that try to avoid people enjoying this lifestyle. The misunderstandings are great. And it is very difficicult for most nudists/naturists to activly tell others that they enjoy the lifestye.

At we want to give clarity to the world what nudism is all about. We want to fight for better laws. We want people to be able to enjoy some bare time on beaches (or other places) without being arrested or being spied upon. And we want to get to the point that every nudist/naturist in the world doesn’t hold back in telling others that he or she loves this way of life.

For that we need (a little) money to get started. A website costs money. it is as simple as that. An advertisement  costs money. Getting in touch with (local) government costs money. So please donate!

If you enjoy the lifestyle. 
If you are pro freedom.

Please make a donation!