World of naturism (a.k.a. a bucket list of countries to visit)

world of naturism

Considering our budget this is not a very realistic list. But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming 😉

We have not been to many countries where we had naturist experiences. Our list is limited to Holland (where we live), Germany, Italy, France, Spain, the USA and Curacao. Of course, we understand that this is not a ‘poor’ list. We feel privileged to have been able to get to these beautiful countries. But the World of Naturism is a lot bigger. And we would love to hear about experiences in other countries.


For instance: Japan! We would really love to visit Japan! But as far as we know there is no naturist facility in Japan. We do know that there are many bathing houses in the land of the rising sun: we believe that at least one of them should be able to visit nude. But it is probably not a mixed sauna as we have over here in the Netherlands. And (I hope someone can tell us) we have heard that Kanto has a small nude beach. Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell if this still exists: there is no official Naturist Federation that we can ask.


Since the moment we saw so many stunning photo’s on Get Naked Australia we marked Australia on the top of our bucket list. To us it looks like Australia just recently embraced the world of naturism. But we know that there were a couple of tv shows that actually reported about (and inside) naturist clubs in the sixties. Actually Channel 10 showed Woodlands Nudist Club in all of it’s glory. So it may not be new: it looks a lot more accepted and popular at the moment. Not that this a ‘must’ for us: we really look forward to meet Australians who seem to be so enthusiastic in the first place!


Yes we have visited France many times but ‘la douce France’ has so many naturist possibilities (and great weather) that we must admit we did not even seen 10% of them. It has around 150 clubs, 50 holiday centers, many official beaches (and unofficial ones) and many people sunbathe naked in their own garden. Around 3.000 people have job related to naturism! We especially enjoy Domaine de la Sablière (part of France 4 Naturisme). But we still have 46 other venues to go! On y va!

United States of America

As already mentioned: we also visited the USA. But (as in France) we have seen just a little part of it. We went from New York to Woodstock (no we are not hippies) to Cape Cod to Boston. And we were told that America is a lot bigger than this. We especially want to talk to Americans about their ‘believes’ as a naturist and the way they feel nudism and naturism should be promoted. We did not get the possibility to talk to a lot of Americans on our visit.

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South Africa

The idea of going to Africa gives us a very special feeling. Not only because it is a continent where people still live (partially) nude, but also because we think that Africa is stepping into a new and bright future. We absolutely want to look at this with our own eyes. But since Africa just has just three clubs we think we must start there. Those clubs are all in South Africa. And that doesn’t look like a bad place to start our African adventure. We have this (recurring) dream to travel from South Africa to Europe completely nude. But that dream is almost impossible to fulfill.

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world of naturism

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