Why people become nudists!

why people become nudists

Many people wonder why people become nudists. What kind of people do that? What are they like? For most of us nudies that is a question we never ask ourselves. So it is fun to give you  some insight into the mindset of nudists and naturists. We might even learn something here as well!

I always tell that the people you meet at work, see in the train, at the supermarket or in a restaurant could be ‘one of us’. There is no external brandmark that sets us aside from the rest of the world. Maybe the majority of us has a more ‘green’ view on the world, but it certainly does not apply to all. There are a lot of political discussions between left wing and right wing oriented people. And the ones that are in between those two are also represented.

It is all about freedom

How and why people become nudists is best explained by quoting some of my friends. For most people it is the absolute freedom they experience when they take of their clothes. It cannot be compared with anything else in this world. The feeling of the wind, the sun, the water on your body is liberating in itself. Especially in these 24/7 online kind of times this is kind of ‘healing’. A perfect way to unwind and get the screen out of your mind.

It has been scientifically proven that there are great health benefits to nudism and naturism. It is a fact that most people aren’t happy with the way they look. Women think that their bellies are too big, and men think that their arms are too small. And with the availability of idealised pornography, both men and women are increasingly dissatisfied with their genitals. But absolutely most frightening is the fact that a growing number of teens and young people are also suffering from the same insecurities.

The good news from this research paper is that communal nudity with other people makes people feel better about their bodies and themselves. Why? Because at a nudist beach or a naturist resort you will only see ‘unfiltered’ people. Tall people, small people, skinny ones, overweighed ones, people with scars of operations or accidents, etc. The people on the train, so to speak.

So, maybe without knowing: nudism gives people a solution to their body confidence issues that doesn’t require them to look any different or to buy anything at all. It is a way to be happier without changing anything at all, except our perspective. So if someone asks you the question why people become nudists: nudism is the cheapest form of therapy in the world! And it comes with an extra boost of vitamin D as well!

This research report about nudism has even led to a tv show.

There are also great practical benefits to nudism. First of all: you never have to figure out what to wear! For most men, the choice of their outfit is just a matter of minutes (maybe seconds). For women, on the other hand, it can take a substantial amount of time to get to the perfect combination. Look at the time you have save here!

Another thing is that, when you go for a swim, you really don’t need anything else then a towel  for a plunge. If you, on a hot summer day, drive by a beautiful lake you can just hop in, cool off and go your way again. And your body dries a lot quicker than a swimsuit! And. In case you have never tried it, skinny dipping is a great way to experience what all those nudies are talking about when they tell you about ‘freedom’.

So far we have found that the feeling of freedom, the scientific argument and practical issues are reasons why people become nudists. Are there more reasons to be found? Yes indeed! Maybe the most important one has been unmentioned yet: some people just like it! They really love being without clothes whenever possible. Not only outside when they go for a swim or want to take a sunbath. They also enjoy it at home. Some even in cold winter days (though there are some economic and environmental issues to consider there).

For some people it is a reason to move permanently to a naturist resort. In Holland, just a few miles east from Amsterdam, a project has started for a naturist neighbourhood. It is a complete ecological place to live. I know a couple that have decided to live on naturist resorts the entire year. In fall and winter they move to Spain and when spring arrives they come back to Holland again. If you know a good example: please let us know!

why people become nudists

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