Naturism: a way of life!

We understand that most people have absolutely no idea why there are men and women that love to spend time undressed. And that is why we will tell you a little bit more about naturism.

“You must be very confident about your body to go naked in public.” That is what we hear a lot. ‘We’ being the naturists. The daredevils that take the step to undress and actually meet other naked people.

A fun fact is, that it is just the other way around! It is a scientific fact that people who dare to go bare develop more confidence about their body. You may be insecure at first, but after just a little while you discover that there are absoutely no reasons to feel that way.

You meet all kinds of people. Tall ones. Small ones. Thin ones. Big ones. Blonds. Brunettes. Grey and old. Young and shiny. You will not find a perfect body. Simply because Photoshop does not has no effect on real bodies. So every body is perfect. Every person is perfect.

That is the main positive thing about naturism: it breaks down the boundaries we tend to throw up in every day life.

A lot of people that are true naturists these days still know how that first time felt. The fact is: not all were raised this way.

Is it something for you to try?

Yes we believe so. But that is all up to you. We don’t want to force you into anything. We understand that the first step can be a big step. A lot of people that are true naturists these days still know how that first time felt. You see, the fact is: not all of us were raised this way.

And almost everyone had to fight against public opinion (even when there was no one around) that nudity was only allowed in the bath- and bedroom. Most certainly not something you are in the presence of others. Especially when those others were complete strangers.

They had to take that heroic step for the first time knowing that it would be something that many disaprove. Public opinion has not always been so kind towards naturism.

Naturism adds something vital to your life

But once they took that step to undress they discovered that there were literally millions of men and women in the world who loved this lifestyle.

Because that is what it is. A lifestyle. Naturists come in all sorts and shapes, but they have one thing in common: they all acknowledge that being naked is liberating. It adds something vital to their lives. 

That’s where the science kicks in. Research shows that being nude adds self-confidence. Being nude with others adds even more self-confidence. And the effect gets bigger if you go nude in the precence of others regulalry. Practice makes perfect!

So where can you start?