The promotion of naturism

promotion of naturism

Honestly: it is very difficult to work on the promotion of naturism. The thing is: the people you reach the most are the people that are already into naturism or nudism. The people you don’t want to reach are actually very much searching for your ‘material’ (the nude pictures). And the group you actually want to reach are the hardest ones to find: we are a very diverse group (all walks of life).

We really admire the way Nick and Lins are doing their work with Naked Wanderings. They are one of a kind. But it is not our style. We also do not want to post a lot of memes since you can already find plenty of those on Twitter, Insta, Facebook, etc. And we also are not into posting personal photographs of our naturist endeavours. We really appreciate our privacy.

That may need some explanation. For us: naturism is all about disconnecting from our 24/7 struggle to keep our work life and our family life in some sort of balance. If we would become ‘celebrities’ in the naturist world it would take away our only place where we really unwind from it all. We protect that with all of our heart. But still: we really want others to discover that ‘medicine’ as well.


So we try to raise our voice our own way. We gave it some deep thoughts in the last year. Actually we thought about giving this whole thing up. Maintaining a website is a lot more difficult than you may think. It is all about writing things that people can relate to. And then there are the technical issues (we are not highly educated in the IT business). But mostly it is the content struggle.

Nevertheless we decided to give it a go. A second chance. Funny enough, that is a little bit like the naturist life itself. You see: as a child you can wander around nude a lot. It is a lot easier for parents (less laundry). The kids enjoy it. And it reminds us of the times we did not have to worry about a thing in the world. Naturism gives back that worry-free feeling again.

Compared to the good old days (whatever that means) the promotion of naturism has become more complex. A few leaflets, an add in the local newspaper and maybe an interview in that newspaper was what promotion was all about. These days you need social media (even locally) and things need to look reasonably well designed,  since the general opinion is that naturists are 65+ of age and we need younger people to get more interest in the various possibilities the nude life offers.

And here is another disadvantage we have: we are Dutch and our English is not bad, but we had some (very nasty) comments on the grammar/sentences we used. And that reminds us of the biggest flaw in the naturist world: we tend to be way too critical on things (initiatives, policies, etc). It is probably very easy to forget that there are just very little people that actually get paid to do promotional work.

What we hear from younger people (couples, singles (m/f) and families) is that many trial visits end up in a big disappointment for them. They see a lot of middle aged people (and older) and not many of their own age. They feel out of place at first sight. In the case they are not bothered by that and still join a local club they discover that they have to be very patient to get some level of acceptance by the rest of the visitors. And yes, we know: kids can be noisy.

It would be very nice if membership clubs would give priority to younger people (we suggest aiming at 30-somethings). Waiting lists (if they exist) should be a non-issue for them. That also gives children more people they can relate to. Oh and (side note) young families may not be too interested in maintenance, lawn mowing, cleaning of facilities, etc. They probably both work and need time off to rest/unwind/relax.

Make no mistake: we absolutely appreciate the hard work all the volunteers do! It is the foundation where future generations can build on. But times have changed. Rapidly. And young couples/families are willing to pay more money if it leads to less ‘volunteering’ in their leisure time.

We are convinced that a change in this area would do a lot more for the promotion of naturism then 10 other Nick and Linses could ever accomplish.

promotion of naturism

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