Work Naked Day

Work Naked Day is held on the first Friday of February, and it is attracting plenty of interest, with participants sharing selfies of their naked celebrations in their home offices. #optional Just put down your morning coffee. And take off those clothes everybody! So ATTENTION everybody: it’s work in the nude day! It is one of the perks of working by yourself, from your home. But we would love to see a completely naked office of course! #challenge!

Work can be so tedious. Day in and day out, the same sh*t every day. The same cubicle. Or the same desk at home every day. Work naked day would definitely light up the day, right? A real casual Friday!

Does it boost productivity?

In 2009, David Taylor, a business psychologist, had a design firm in northern England try the extreme team-building exercise as a test for the show.

Not everyone went completely nude. One man wore some sort of covering pouch and one of the women wore black underwear. But most employees, after some initial reluctance, stripped themselves of their inhibitions — and their office-appropriate attire.

And, it seems to have had a positive effect! According to one emplyee:

“It was emotional but we found we were much more able to talk to each other honestly — and have been since. The company has improved massively.”

The companies rules of engagement for Work In The Nude Day are:

Wear your birthday suit: Simply strip off and get down to business as usual! Even if only for an hour or two. This is freedom in its purest form. Enjoy it – because only people who work from home can.

Wear whatever the heck you want: The beauty of working from home is that you can wear anything you like – be it Ugg boots or a Batman costume. Redefine “dressed for success”. 

If you work in the office, Working Naked Day has some benefits:

1. Your boss will never say, “I wanna see your ass in here by 8:00!” again

2. “I can’t pay for your lunch: I left my wallet in my pants.”

3. You can discover if it’s just like that dream you always have.

4. Diverts attention from the fact that you also came to work very late.

5. Gives “bad hair day” a whole new meaning.

6. No one steals your chair ever again.

Robert Gerrish from Flying Solo (an Australian community for small business owners) started this initiative in 2011 about the pictures they received: “They were so empathetic and warm. We never had anything grubby. It just really showed us this is a lovely thing to be doing … It was normal people showing their warts and all bodies,” he said.

If you like Work Naked Day, then you may take things further. Would you like to know how you can become a nudie? Follow us here!


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Work Naked Day

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