Introduction to nudism and naturism

what is nudism

Nudists come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, colors, ancestries, dialects, handicaps, talents and personalities. And in all sexes. If you would visit a meeting of nudists, you will meet bankers, lawyers, farmers, secretaries, journalists, teachers, and… etc. etc. But you may not find out who is a nudist before you visit such an event, since most of us seem to be keen on protecting some privacy. Something you always should respect of course.

In this short introduction to nudism you will find out that naturists represent a cross-section of society. They belief in morality, civic responsibility, education, good physical and mental health and try to live unbiased in this world. Or they don’t. But they all believe that the unclothed human body is comfortable, wholesome and worthy of respect. We are all beautiful creatures.

Naturism is not a religion

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Naturism is not a religion, but it may look like one. That has everything to do with the respectful way naturists talk about nature, about people and the respect and body-confidence they have in general. And that makes sence: by taking your clothes of you can’t hide anything anymore. Not even yourself. You true spirit can come out and shine. And there is a true community spirit on most clubs, campings, resorts, sauna’s, beaches, etc. So that makes it more logical that naturism can be seen as a religion. Maybe it would make life easier if it was to be recognized as a religion. Who knows!

It is also not a sport. But you will notice that swimming, walking, volleyball and tennis are favourite pastimes for nudists. It is also not a hobby club. But you will see people enjoying gardening, paining and decorating or they just potter around. It is also not a cooking club, but you will see people cook together, picnic, or drink coffee together with home made pies and cakes. So let’s call it a pastime for this moment. And wait until we come up with a better word.

Millions around the world share beaches, saunas, campsites in the buff. And then there are even more people that enjoy some naked time in the comfort of their own house. For some that is the only place they are allowed to go naked. So they enjoy nude sleeping, working, cooking, etc. at home and are hoping for better laws in future.

Do you want to know the defenition of nudism?

The naturist world is one where you can be yourself. A place where you can get back in tune with your roots and your own nature. It is a place where you can enjoy the company of like-minded people. A place where you can escape the 24/7 rush of economics. Where the Fear Of Missing Out can go back to zero. A place where you can truly relax. Better then any other place in the world. It is where your can find your mojo. Build up confidence. A place where you can be true to yourself. Where you can stop comparing yourself to others. Be ZEN. And get vitamin D as a bonus.

The International Naturist Federation (INF) says that it is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouriging self respect, respect for others and for the environment.

But you can’t eat a defenition. Or drink it. Our advice to you is: experience for yourself before you can understand it. Find out what it does to you. How you look at yourself. And how you look at others. Since a defenition is not helpful at all. Sorry! Just enjoy the feeling of warm sun on skin or feeling the gentle caress of a breeze. Just have a go at it!

Who are nudists? And who are not?

So who are nudists? And who are not? Look around! Maybe some of your best friends or colleagues is a nudist. You may be on this website together without knowing it. The thing is: A naturist is somebody who prefers to go without clothing when the majority of people in similar situations would prefer to wear clothing. A non-naturist prefers privacy when naked. A naturist also prefers privacy at certain times but they enjoy the feeling of being naked whenever possible and also enjoy being naked with others socially. But you only know it, when you know it.

A naturist can also be a shy person. But being undressed amongst other like minded people is not a cause of embarrassment.

This blog, or better, this entire site is dedicated to them and all other nudists and naturists from all over the world. And we hope that it will show others, who are not into it, that we are all regular Joe’s and Jane’s. Nudists don’t differ from other human beings. And the fantasies some people have about this naked pastime could not be farther from the truth. It may, perhaps, tell something about themselves.

Naturism does not tolerate orgies, obscenity or any other misbehavior. Those are things for a private surrounding. As is in the clothed world. There is a time and place for everything. No matter how long an introduction to nudism should be: this is all you have to know about this subject.

In many countries clothes-free fun is available at a wide variety of locations. If you are looking for a suitable place: you can find them anywhere online. In Europe it is more widespread then in the US, but even there are plenty possibilities. When you want to take your first steps on the nudie road outside your own hous, you may prefer the convenience and security of a naturist resort or campsite. Some of them require membership of a naturist organization before you can enter the premises.

Why a membership of a naturist organisation is a good idea

Naturism is based on trust. It is about mutual tolerance and accepting ourselves and others as we really are. That is in contrast that some nudists still insist in writing mails anonymously. They won’t reveal phone numbers or give their home adress. Some like to keep it a secret at all cost, even from their own spouse, family and friends. We understand it (to some extent), but that is a bad idea. Since we also have to be aware of people that want to join in for reasons that are not at all okay.

And no: you don’t have to put an advert in the local newspaper to tell the world that you joined a nudist club. But without being open, we give people with bad intentions the ability to do whatever they want to. And that is a no go area. So joining a club (officially) is a good idea. It is not a certificate of good behaviour, but it gives the possibility to block unwanted persons. And by becoming a member you also support ‘the cause’. It takes money to promote naturism and nudism. So if you don’t want to be known as the weird nude guy or girl: help yourself by donating and joining a local club or national federation.

Nudism? Naturism? What’s the difference?

You have probably read the definition of naturism by the INF (just scroll up a bit). But why are some people talking about nudism? Well, there is a lot to say about these two words. Some say that, if you call yourself a nudist, then you are from America. If you prefer the term naturist, then you are probably European. Others say that the difference between these two words can be found in the way you experience your own nudity. Where nudism means being naked and naturism means ‘the whole package’: the social dimension, the respect for others, tolerance, etc.

And what is the difference for us at NTRSM? None. You are welcome!

what is nudism

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