The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth @Greenpeace

Public opinion polls seem to have replaced real thought and opinion. The sample group have a very decisive voice in what the ultimate truth will be. It is a worldwide phenomenon. But what if the poll is concerned with naturism? Would we agree with the general view in that case? Here’s the Naked Truth.

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics

A recent poll executed on behalf of the Dutch Naturist Federation showed that 2.5 million people in the Netherlands are ‘into’ nude recreation at this moment. This number does not take into account the millions of people that visit a sauna. That number is around 3.5 million. To be honest: we highly question the number that the Dutch Federation states.

But we really don’t want to execute our own investigation on this matter. We do know that there are around 60.000 members of a local club or of the Dutch Federation. If the 20/80% rule doesn’t count this time we believe that the real number is around 600.000 to 1.000.000 people that either go to nude beaches, visit naturist clubs or just enjoy their nude time at home. And with a population of around 17 million people that still is a high number!

The lagging factor

The best question to ask is; why do other federations have so little members? The AANR has 213.000 members. That sounds like a lot, but is only 3.5 times larger than the Dutch Federation. In a country that has 20 times more citizens. And, mind you: we consider the AANR to be a very active group of naturists!

The naked truth is that the AANR (and many other associations/federations) don’t focus on the reasons why people become nudists/naturists:

  • My partner already enjoyed it, and I do too now
  • I enjoy sunbathing naked in my own garden
  • I love to skinny dip
  • I feel complete freedom when I am nude

Naturism: a scientifically proven medicine to reduce stress

Studies have shown that nudists and naturists feel more confident about their body and have a healthy mindset. Those who started later in life actually said that they noticed improvements physically and mentally. And we also can say that children that were brought up in a naturist family are not bothered with the body issues that so many 15-30 year olds seem to have. Another big Plus there!

Now, without pointing fingers to anyone in the boards/active members of federations and associations: we believe there should be more focus on the (proven) benefits of naturism. But not as the Professor that knows all. There also should be a clear focus on the legal issues most naturists have to deal with.

Another Naked Truth!

And we also believe that current members (the average Janes and Joes) should be advocates of naturism (but not the pushy kinds please). That goes from being more welcoming to newbies to telling other family members/close friends that they enjoy nude swimming/sunbathing. Just get the Naked Truth out in the open!

Lat but not least: we all should be aware of people that come to our beaches and clubs with improper thoughts. We need to get rid of them as soon as possible. People that are considering the step towards nude recreation must be able to feel absolutely safe. As we all should of course! And to achieve that state of safety we all should be willing to address people if they show signs of (upcoming) indecent behaviour!

Together we can build a great naturist future!

The Naked Truth @Greenpeace

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