Where to go: to the nude beach or naturist club?

nude beach or naturist club

If you live close by to a nude beach or naturist club you will probably opt for that. But what if you happen to live nearby one of each? What will you choose? Would you pay a little to the club and go there? Or would you visit the beach? We absolutely love the beach. But maybe there will be no club left if we all went to the nude beach. Fortunately clubs offer some nice advantages as well. Let’s compare the two!

Pros of a nude beach

  • It is free to visit (maybe apart from parking costs)
  • You can bring your own food and drinks
  • You help bring nudity in the public space
  • Generally a little younger audience
  • Skinny dipping is called swimming again
  • Who doesn’t like the beach!

Pros of a naturist club

  • More interaction with other visitors
  • Facilities like showers, bathrooms, a bar are close at hand
  • No (or less) unwanted voyeurs
  • Parking available at the front door
  • It offers a private and trusted environment!

Now it may be difficult to make a choice between these two. Will it be a nude beach or naturist club for you? This is of course a very personal thing to consider. We absolutely love the beach. But we also very much appreciate the atmosphere in a naturist club. And (to be honest) we have the privilege to live around more than 50(!) possible options within a one hour drive! But that includes some saunas as well.

We know that a lot of people have second thoughts about a naturist club. They think it is a somewhat ‘secret society, and that is why it is kept behind high fences”.  But that is very far from the truth. We actually know a naturist club that has no fences (or gate) at all. You can walk on and of any time you want. And it has a great pool as well!

For us it all depends on what we want on that specific day. We love the beach (it is the combination of the sand and the salty sea). And if we want to see the sun go down we will go to our favourite (45 minutes’ drive). But if do not want to have to much trouble parking (it is an issue there) and we do not want to walk too far (absolutely needed there) we go to one of our (three) most favourite clubs.

All in all we are really more interested in the fact that you will take the time to actually go! Going bare is liberating. It does miracles in many ways. It reduces stress (and so it will safe you therapeutical costs). It improves blood circulation. You will burn more fat (if you do it the entire year through). It increases your immune system. And on top of all that: you will end up with no tan lines.

Most of all: it is just the best way to be!

nude beach or naturist club

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