The world has a lot to learn about nudism and naturism. At NTRSM we are working hard to get all of the misunderstandings out of the way! If you want to keep up with wat we do (and spread the news!) then give us a note!

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"The freedom I experience since I entered the lifestyle is almost unexplainable! It is such a break with the 24/7 economy we live in. Everybody should join in!"
Sales Manager
“I wish we were all naked all the time. I've always believed its what's underneath that counts. If we were all forced to be naked, perhaps we'd start to see that a little more."
Celine Dion naturist
"Since I started going to the nude beach it felt as if I could truly be myself. And that was something I always found difficult to achieve. I recommend it to everybody!"


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How do you unwind from your work and all the stress modern day life brings these days? It is scientifically proven that nudism and naturism is the cheapest, but also one of the most effective ways to do that. We are founded to tell the world more about this lifestyle. And we are aiming to achieve more understanding and acceptance!

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