12 Tips for women that want to try nudism for the first time

Why would we present 12 tips for women that want to try nudism for the first time? Because we at NTRSM really don’t want anyone in the world to mis out on the great rewards (scientifically proven) and fun that naturism can bring. But we know that for women that first time in the buff looks very scary. Too scary. So they don’t take that step at all.

Well ladies: we have news for you! Rest assured that for most newbees in naturism that first time is something of a moment of stress. Quite the opposite of the Zen you are looking for isn’t it! And  although we believe that this first-time-fear’ is absolutely unnecessary, we thought about a way to get you through this barrier. And therefor (Tada!) we present you 12 tips (for women) that want to try naturism for the first time. Oh, and we have some tips for men as well!

1. Start with being nude at home

It’s just a small step. But one that can help a lot! Start your day naked. And that is a lot easier if you sleep naked. Did you know that sleeping naked is an very healthy habit? And it gets you in the right outfit the next morning as well. Get up and just get your healthy breakfast not bothered by a bathrobe or kimono.

You can also start making a habit out of not dressing after a shower or warm bath. Stay naked for a little while. Unless you are in a rush to get to work. Then, by all means, hurry up! But if you have time, maybe you can meditate a bit. Or read a book (ditch that phone). Do some yoga. Or do some laundry (since that has to be done anyway). It’s a great way to try nudism!

Eventually you will notice that these spare bare time helps you get more comfortable in your skin. A great first step into naturism!

2. Prepare yourself

Did you enjoy some bare spare time in the comfort in your own house? Then: prepare yourself for a nude day outside. And, since you are a first timer, we urge you to use sunscreen intensively! Especially on the parts of your body that are not particularly used to sunshine. You really don’t want to get a sunburn there and be unable to sit comfortably for a while. You know what we mean right? Using sunscreen is a good idea anyway! Even longtime nudists should use it regularly. And it keeps your skin young and vibrant!

Do you have a garden of your own? That’s a super spot to enjoy the sun on your skin! If you don’t have that luxury: go to a beach, sauna or naturist club. Or a very secluded spot in a forest or ….. Well: you will know or find a perfect spot!

A good point to remember if you go to a club: bring towels. One to lay down in the grass or sand. One for the shower (if available). And one to use when you want to sit down at the bar, restaurant or on that picnic table you’ve spotted. Everybody does that. It’s a hygiene thing. Keep things fresh for everyone!

So sunscreen, towels, a good book or some magazines…. You’re good to go to try nudism!

3. Hairstyles

We want this out of the way. The subject, we mean. Because we get a lot of questions about hairstyles. And no, we are not talking Vidal Sassoon here. No, we are talking about your pubic hair. A lot of woman get real insecure about this issue. Should you shave it all off? Or just trim a little? Or maybe letting things as they are is your choice. Or a stylish triangle, yin yang sign or whatever you would like to wear. Just do it your way. There’s no rulebook. You can’t go wrong. Just do your way. Whatever style you prefer: don’t worry about it! Next!

4. Help! I don’t look like a fashion model

Even if you don’t look like Kate Upton or Heidi Klum you are still welcome in the world of nudism and naturism. To be honest: 99,9% of the women on this planet don’t look like them. But we believe we are all born beautiful!

It is very hard these days to look at your body and be comfortable with it. And that has everything to do with the social pressure of Facebook, Instagram and the ‘perfect’ bodies you are confronted with in advertising, movies, videoclips, etc. For many women it is the number one reason not to get naked with others around. They don’t shower after a workout (smelly cat). Or don’t go to a beach at all. Can you imagine that!

One of the greatest painters of all time became famous for his paintings of what we now call Rubens Women. Named after the artist himself: Peter Paul Rubens. Nowadays he would probably be ridiculed for making those paintings. We just see beautiful bodies. If you want to see more beautiful bodies take a look here.


5. Baby steps in the buff

With steps 1 till 4 more or less covered you can now go and try nudism outside. But not on a public beach or on a resort. No, just go alone or with a friend to an extremely, very quiet and private place where nobody else will come. And strip of. Then close your eyes and feel the sun and experience the summer breeze (don’t do this at winter times) on your body. Are you into meditation? Make this a 1 minute meditation moment. And if you are not: just keep your eyes closed for a little while and slow down your breathing. Just enjoy this moment.

If you don’t know where to find a place like this: what about your backyard? Or this 10.000 acres nature preserve just a few miles away? You will be amazed about how many spots you can get to within just 30 minutes.

And this is a great moment to work on step 7!


6. No clothes, no worries!

Yes, even with no one else around you may feel a bit awkward at start. Most of us did! But try not to let that thought get in the way of a good experience. As Tony Robbins always says: Where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on the experience you really want to have. Don’t let insecurity or the opinion of others stand in the way of that. Instead focus on the sun, the water, the place you want to settle, the book you want to read, or that naked swim you are keen on doing for so long! The thought of that will get you in the right mood almost instantly. And once you have removed your textile your worries will disappear. In minutes. Literally.

7. Decide where you want to go to for your first naked experience out in the open

This is a real important step. Because when you try nudism, you must find a place to go to. And then you will discover the many possibilities near you! Think spas, campgrounds, resorts or maybe a naturist club. On your screen you’ll see that there’s nothing special about the places you see. There might be a pool. There might be a piece of land where you can enjoy the sun. A place where you can sit.  And you will notice that the people are regular Joe’s an Jane’s.

We would recommend to visit a private place. Not a public beach. And for two good reasons. First: you will find a more balanced public. The number of man and woman is almost the same. Where, on a public beach, the number of man is slightly higher. The second reason has to do with security. In a privately owned venue the written and unwritten rules will make you feel at home very quickly. On a public beach social (or formal) control is a lot more difficult to organize. Not that we (after 25+ years) had a bad experience. But it may just help you a little here. You can discover other places in a later stage.

8. An eye for an eye?

So, there you are. Naked. On a towel. With other people around. Holding a book or magazine (not your phone!!!!). And then? Well: obviously you will look around. It’s a new experience right? You want to know what you are dealing with. So you check out who’s there. And who’s not. What are their ages? Do you see singles, couples and/or families? Etc. That is a normal thing to do. But please: don’t stare. That is impolite. The will not stare at you either. You will blend in. And you want to try nudism. So, knowing that you will be some sort of attraction if you keep your clothes on, you will undress quickly.

By the way: did you know that in some places it is allowed to wear a sarong? Maybe that’s the place you want to go!

9. What to do to pass the time?

As we already mentioned: bring a book and a few magazines. Maybe some food and beverages. It all depends on where you are and what you would bring at a textile beach, campsite, etc. Maybe you like badminton. Well: just bring them and maybe you will use them. Or maybe you don’t want to overdo it for a first time and just keep it at a little swim and maybe a walk around the premises. And keep that sunscreen fresh on your body! A sunburn is not an option today!

10. So… Now connect!

If you have enjoyed your first time at the resort you will go back home feeling relaxed and comfortable. That is a good moment to plan a second visit to the same place. Just to check if the feeling is just as good (or even better) the second time. There are of course many other possibilities, but for now just build on the first experience.

And maybe, just maybe, you will notice that the same people you have seen the first time are also around again. And maybe, just maybe, you have seen some nice people that you might want to get to know a little better. In other words: connect with other people.

Just have a little chat here and there. You don’t necessarily have to talk about politics or the economic situation in China. A simple ‘Hello!’ and a ‘How are you?’ to start with. And then maybe a question about how many times they have visited this place. And then mention that you are new and there to try nudism for the first time. Maybe they have some good information to share!

Connecting with other people is what makes life valuable.

11. Have fun!

We hope you felt great again after your second visit. And that you are still comfortable with the fact that you went to a nudist place. And after a second time comes a third visit. That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? But we do advise you to go to some other place. Not that this is mandatory, but we think that getting more impressions then one will do a lot to your view on this new world you just discovered. There are thousands of places to go to in the world. So there will be a another place near you.

12. Get your Zen Certificate!

Self-acceptance and total relaxation in a stress-free environment are among the greatest contributions nudism and naturism has to offer. If you feel self-conscious about your body, chances are your concerns will fade away in no time. You have noticed that nudists come in all sorts, shapes and sizes and all are welcome. As are you! So even if you are not convinced yet, just try nudism.

We are convinced this will lead to total acceptance of who you are on the inside as well as on the outside. You will stop judging yourself and others on the basis of physical appearance. That is truly empowering! Feel no pressure. Be part of this community. Feel the mutual respect. Feel at home. Relate to others on the basis of who you really are, rather than what your clothes say about you.

You now have found the perfect way to escape from your busy life for an afternoon, a weekend, or an extended vacation. Leave all excess baggage behind. And find yourself in a Zen State of Mind!

Do you want your Zen Certificate send to you by email? Just let us know!

What is nudism?

The common definition is that it is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self respect, respect for others and for the environment. But, since a definition is not helpful at all, we advice you to experience it yourself. Do that before you can understand it. Find out what it does to you. How you look at yourself. And how you look at others!

How many nudists are there in the world?

Worldwide there are more then 100 million nudists and naturists around. You can find them at local nude beaches, naturist resorts, in saunas and at meetings of nudist and naturists events.

Is nudism a religion?

Nudism is not a religion, but it may look like one. Because there is a true community spirit on most clubs, campings, resorts, sauna’s, beaches, etc. It is also in the respectful way naturists talk about nature, about people and the respect and body-confidence they have in general. They say: by taking your clothes your true spirit can come out and shine.

The AANR also has some great nformation to help you with your first steps into naturism. You can find them here on their website. But we will state them (in short) for you:

  • You should expect to feel some level of anxiety. This is normal. Any new adventure or experience can cause anxiety to increase. If, however,
    you feel paralyzed by anxiety, you are probably not yet ready. When the thought of the pleasure you expect to get out of being a social nudist
    overcomes the anxiety, that is when you should consider moving past reading about the experience and trying it out.
  • Most people have been brought up to be self-conscious about being nude in front of others. The truth is, being nude in front of people can
    be very liberating. You will find that most credible research indicates that doing so builds a more positive body image.
  • During the first few hours at a nudist resort or other social nudist environment you will likely notice how comfortable you have become.
    What you thought of as a taboo you will find is now a pleasurable experience.
  • Learning how to conduct yourself in the social nudist environment is just like learning how to fit into any other new environment. Just the
    one really big rule is to respect everyone’s boundaries. Just because people are naked doesn’t give you license intrude on their
    conversations, flirt with them, touch them, or stare at them.
  • Most resorts allow people time to acclimate to the environment of social nudity. That being said, how and when you get undressed in front
    people is completely up to you. You can get undressed in public, or you might consider undressing at your car, in the restrooms, or if you have
    booked a room, in your room.
  • If your first experience is going to be at nudist resort – READ THEIR WEB PAGE AND THE RULES. Some nude resorts are family-friendly,
    while others are solely for adults 18 and older.
  • Finally, you should remember that everyone you meet in the social nudist world got through that “first visit” and you will too.