On Going Naked – Jan Gay #sold




We congratulate the buyer: this is a truly unique book!

On Going Naked by Jan Gay (author’s real name is Helen Reitman) is a book of 163 pages with many photos and illustrations by Zhenya. Only 1000 printed.

“During this trip they visited various nudist camps in Germany and Switzerland which prompted Jan to write her book “On Going Naked”, which she published in 1932 with Holborn House (New York) with “decorations” by Zhenya.

The book was so successfull that she started her own nudist colony in Highlands, New York called the Out-of-Doors Club. Her book was also quickly adapted into a “roadshow” film called “Back to Nature” which was shown in theaters across the county in the Summer of 1933 to adult only audiences. In order to promote the book, film and club, Jan invited several journalists from the Associated Press, United Press and NEA Service to observe and write about the camp.

In this part memoir part history Jan Gay writes of her being drawn to and then involved in the early nudist/naturist movement in America. What is interesting is her less than egalitarian attitude about participants and who she wants to associate with.



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