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Share your story about nudism and naturism!

Share your nudist story with the world! Why? Well, a lot of people have rather stranged ideas about nudism and naturism. We truly believe that this image can change. We are convinced that sharing stories from real nudists and naturists is of great help. We would love to share your story with the NTRSM community! And we will promote them to let the outside world know that we are all just amazing people!

Send us your story!

Maybe you want to tell where you have been. We know that there are so many wonderfull places to visit! Or maybe you want to share an interesting conversation you had about nudism. Or maybe you can tell about how it changed your life. Or how you and your family implement the lifestyle in your everyday life. Or about your frst time! You will probably have some great ideas yourself, so surprise us! Share your nudist story today!

There is a lot to tell. There is a lot to share!

Of course we are not looking for porn. And if you are not a great writer: don’t worry! We will edit your story. And if you want to be a regular blogger just let us know! We will present all stories on our blog page.

Of course we would also love to have a photo to support your essay, short story, holiday review, etc. And when there are people on it then we must know if that person has agreed with publication. Are you not sure about the quality of your photo? That it may not be ‘good enough’ to post? Just send it in!

We don’t want you to look bad in any way. So if you need any help just let us know!

If your nudist story is of the highest qualty we have ever seen then we may want to send it in for The Pulitzer prize!