your health

We cannot think of any other way to live our life. But for many people taking that first step is like climbing the Mount Everest. However: we can guarantee that you will get great results for your health if you dare to go bare! It is the Vitamin D. It is the growth in self esteem. It is the mass amount of new friends. It is all that.

And more!


On this website we (all of us) will show you what naturism does with us. And what we do while we practice naturism.


We swim

There is absolutely no better way to enjoyw water then without clothes!

Walk naked

Walking around nude will get your stress level down. Big time!



Just do nothing. Just stare at the waves of the ocean.

Play golf

Take a full swing and play like a tiger! Golf is so relaxing. Sometimes...

read books naked

Read books

No. Not on your phone. A real book. It makes your world more interesting!

naked chess

Play chess

Be Gary Kasparov. Or Magnus Carlsen. Or be you. Playing chess.

Join Hundreds of Healthy People

Do you have the feeling that you are alone? That nobody in your neighbourhood understand what being naked really means for you?

Well, then we have news for you! There millions of people all over the world that actually love going naked. But they don’t tell anyone. We have spoken to nudist from almost every country in the world! From the USA to China. From Norway to New Sealand. From Azerbadjan to Zimbabwe.